New Astronomy CCDCalc

New Astronomy CCDCalc 1.5

You can visualize how a telescope or a camera work together to image the sky
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Ron Wodaski

The New Astronomy CCDCalc is a virtual astrophotography imaging software that allows the user to understand the specifics of the process of capturing astro-photographs, and demonstrates the entire details in a stepwise manner. The application provides useful tips on selecting the right equipment, along with the strategy to “how-to-go-about” with the process and obtain outstanding images, either with the help of a film or CCD camera.

The program caters to the needs of novice as well as the expert users and comes with various functionalities, along with sufficient documentation. It enlightens the users with knowledge like Image processing techniques, as well as advanced processing for nebulae, planets, galaxies, and more.

For advanced users, the software comes with aids for proper focusing, alternative focusers, other focusing aids along with other practical imaging tactics, including setting up telescope and mount, signal versus noise, imaging bright objects, like Sun, Moon, Planets, and even the deep sky, including the clusters, galaxies, Nebulae, and demonstrates fun science with a CCD Camera.

The program also covers Image Processing Fundamentals, including the Histograms, improving Image Clarity, as well as processing for Celestial Objects such as Sun, Moon & Planetary Images like Globulars, Galaxies, Nebulae and Mosaics.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Gives detailed description about astro-photography


  • Not very easy-to-understand and use
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